IRI Brazil secures a spot for Amazônia Viva in the Immigration Museum’s exhibition on Climate and Displacement

In April, Amazônia Viva became one of the main attractions of the exhibition at the Immigration Museum, entitled, Move! Climate and Displacement, organised by the Ministry of Culture and the São Paulo State Government, through the Secretariat for Culture, Economy and Creative Industry, and the United Nations. The exhibition seeks to raise awareness about the urgency of combatting climate change and its impacts, especially in the social context, where millions of people are being forced to leave their homes because they can no longer find the minimum conditions necessary for survival. Through the exhibition, IRI Brazil aims to increase awareness on the importance of defending the Amazon and the Indigenous Peoples that guard it. Moreover, this presents a critical opportunity to increase recognition of IRI Brazil as a key actor in rainforest conservation in the country, which would allow IRI Brazil to expand the reach and impact of its work.