IRI Brazil secures commitment from the Água Branca Baptist Church (IBAB) to mobilise religious leaders to participate in scientific immersions, joins Climate Observatory Network

IRI Brazil met with Fernanda Kivitz, leader of the Água Branca Baptist Church (IBAB), who committed to mobilise IBAB religious leaders to take part in scientific immersions carried out by IRI Brazil. This is a critical opportunity that will strengthen IRI Brazil’s efforts to build the capacities of religious and faith leaders in the promotion of rainforest conservation.  IRI Brazil also met with Márcio Astrini, Executive Secretary of the Climate Observatory (OC), who provided an overview of the mobilisation strategies being developed in preparation for COP30. As a result of the meeting, IRI Brazil was invited to join the OC network and take part in the Annual Meeting of the Climate Observatory Network, to be held from 28-29 May.