Training alliance between IRI Colombia, REPAM Colombia and OPIAC

IRI Colombia has developed an innovative partnership with the National Organisation of the Indigenous Peoples of the Colombian Amazon (OPIAC) and Repam Colombia to develop a virtual training alliance designed to address the problems affecting the Amazon territory.  The virtual training program, certified by the Universidad Javeriana de Cali, creates a shared platform for learning, training and action and allows for ongoing exchange between key stakeholders on topics of interest that affect the region. The first training cycle includes four virtual forums with different experts. The first forum, held on September 22, dealt with the “Impacts of the extractive model on peoples and territories of the Amazon”. The second forum is scheduled for 29 September and the last two for 6 and 13 October, where the following topics will be discussed: “Fracking and hydrocarbons”, “Carbon bonds, deforestation and reforestation” and “Public opinion in defense of the territory: horizons in the face of the pandemic”.