IRI Colombia begins Phase 2 training for IRI-San Vicente del Caguán and IRI-Cartagena del Chairá

At two events, with the presence of more than 80 religious leaders, social and environmental leaders, and local authorities (mayors and councilors of the municipality), IRI Colombia began Phase 2 training in both IRI-San Vicente del Caguán and IRI-Cartagena del Chairá.  The training included panels on forests and climate change (led by experts from Colombia’s forest monitoring system at the University of the Amazon), a workshop on the theology of creation, and the joint creation of an action plan for the defense of forests in San Vicente del Caguán and Cartagena del Chairá, respectively, each focused on political advocacy.At the launch inSan Vicente del Caguan, Mayor of the municipality, Julian Perdomo, said”We have a great responsibility to work with IRI and recognize the very important and special work it has been doing in Colombia and in each of the municipalities that have rampant deforestation.”