IRI DRC secures commitment to protect tropical forests from Ituri’s military governor, Ituri’s ECC President and Chancellor of the Catholic Church

IRI DRC continued efforts to raise awareness about its mission by meeting with the military governor of the province. Ituri is a province currently in a state of conflict and governed by the military since the beginning of May. While the governor’s priority is to restore peace in the region, he committed to protecting the tropical forests of the region and the rights of the indigenous Pygmy people as a pathway to achieving peace and security.  IRI DRC also met with the Chancellor of the Catholic Church and the President of the Church of Christ in the Congo (ECC) who endorsed IRI’s plans in the province. The President of ECC offered a permanent working space for the team and committed to get personally involved, saying “Peace without the forest is only partial…it is difficult to live amongst each other if we can’t live at peace with the forest”.