IRI Colombia holds training for leaders from local chapters

In partnership with the Putumayo Government Secretariat, IRI Colombia held a training day on 30 November for their local chapters in Puerto Leguízamo, the La Samaritana indigenous reservation and El Triunfo. Training was provided to 70 religious leaders who are engaged in the IRI Colombia local chapters.

“We must find a way to integrate human beings, nature, production and God in a healthy way”

Pastor Edgar Castaño, president of the Evangelical Confederation of Colombia (CEDECOL), addressing religious, social and community leaders. 

The day included a presentation on deforestation in Putumayo given by forestry engineer Mario Barón. Esteban Cabuya, professor at the Universidad de la Amazonia, gave another lecture on tropical forests and climate change. Finally, the representative of the Departmental Community Development Programme of the Secretariat of Government of Putumayo, presented to the religious leaders the departmental public policy on religious freedom and explained the nature, composition and objectives of the religious freedom committee of the municipality of Puerto Leguízamo, a critical entry point for IRI Colombia action on forests.