IRI Colombia delivers extensive communications campaign for World Environment Day

IRI Colombia celebrated World Environment Day with an extensive communications campaign that included various activities and a number of graphic and audiovisual pieces. At the regional level, IRI Colombia reached more than 120,000 people in Caquetá, Guaviare and Putumayo as a result of interviews that the coordinators of IRI San José del Guaviare, IRI Puerto Rico, IRI San Vicente del Caguán and IRI Puerto Leguízamo gave to local radio stations, where they spoke about World Environment Day, the urgency of stopping deforestation and protecting the Amazon rainforest, and IRI Colombia’s work in the region. At the national level, IRI Colombia developed a campaign with three influencers, who posted messages on their networks about the work of the program and the protection of tropical forests. These messages reached 47,305 people, had 48,630 impressions and were reproduced 12,619 times. IRI Colombia conducted a strong social media campaign that included the dissemination of a commemorative piece, the dissemination of 10 videos corresponding to the second awareness campaign, and publications on the interviews of religious leaders and influencers.