IRI Peru evaluates situation of forest defenders with indigenous leaders of Ucayali and Puerto Inca

IRI Peru held a meeting with Berlin Diques, president of ORAU (Regional Organization of AIDESEP in Ucayali) to evaluate the need to elucidate strategies and mechanisms that commit the state, civil society and indigenous organizations to protection of leaders defending forests and territories. The meeting was instigated by the murder in Rio Tambo of the historical leader Santiago Contoricón and the case of Mrs. Yésica de Puerto Inca, who was threatened and violated by illegal miners in the presence of the police and prosecutorial authorities. Similarly, in Puerto Inca, Huanuco region, IRI Peru held a meeting with Fernando Arias, current deputy mayor of the municipality of Puerto Inca, President of Feconapia and also a member of IRI Puerto Inca. They discussed the advance of illegal activities in the area, especially mining. Indigenous leaders requested that IRI Peru lobby the Ministry of Justice to activate the Intersectoral Mechanism for the Protection of Defenders, which has not yet been implemented or assigned a budget.