IRI Peru meets with Minister of Justice and Human Rights to evaluate the situation of forest defenders

Against the backdrop of illegal activities such as logging, mining and drug trafficking growing alarmingly throughout the Peruvian Amazon, IRI Peru requested a meeting with the Minister of Justice to discuss this situation. On May 9, representatives from the IRI Peru Advisory Council met with the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Dr. Daniel Maurate, and the Vice Ministers of Human Rights, Luigi Pilotto, and of Justice, Walther Iberos. In the meeting, IRI Peru expressed to the Minister concerns gathered in travels to IRI Peru local chapters regarding the advance of various forms of illegality and how the lives of indigenous peoples are affected. IRI Peru presented the case of the indigenous leader of Puerto Inca, Yesica Diaz, who was attacked by illegal miners despite the presence of the police. The Minister affirmed that he was convinced of the importance of strengthening the Multisectoral Mechanism for the Protection of Defenders, which needs to be provided with a budget so that it can fulfill its objectives. IRI Peru agreed to sign an inter-institutional cooperation framework agreement to advance in the protection of defenders and to have a more permanent dialogue with the Ministry.