IRI Colombia Issues Calls To Action At Un Climate Conference (COP28)

Faced with the negative balance of the state of the world’s climate and the struggle against the increase in global temperature, during its participation in the UN Climate Conference, IRI Colombia issued an urgent call to the national authorities to make the protection and restoration of the Amazon rainforest a priority climate action. Among the points made in the call were to: (i) administratively and financially reinforce compliance with cross-sectoral measures designed to reduce deforestation; (ii) consolidate the commitment to achieve zero deforestation by 2030; (iii) improve protection of national parks and other protected areas; (iv) develop Article 286 of the Political Constitution and Decree Law 632 of 2018 regarding the creation of indigenous territorial entities and their administrative decentralization on equal terms with other existing territorial entities in Colombia; (v) deepen the fight against environmental crimes; (vi) consolidate compliance with the goals proposed in Colombia’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC); and (vii) prevent threats against the life, liberty, integrity and security of environmental defenders and defenders of the rights of indigenous peoples. Read the call to action in English here, and in Spanish here.