IRI DRC develops a contribution note on forests to the six commitments of the President of the Republic

In his inaugural speech, the re-elected President of DRC confirmed six (6) commitments contained in his vision for society. He pledged to create more jobs; to protect household purchasing power by stabilising inflation and controlling the exchange rate; to provide much more effective security for the population, the territory and property; to continue diversifying the national economy and increasing its competitiveness; to guarantee greater access to basic services and to improve the efficiency of public services. The President mentioned the challenge of global warming, for which DRC country wants to be a solution, given its natural potential. However, no specific, measurable commitment has been made to protect forests and the rights of their guardians, or to combat climate change. IRI DRC has developed a contribution note to the six commitments of the President of the Republic, proposing a seventh cross-cutting commitment on forests and climate issues. Two commissions worked on the mobilisation of religious leaders and the finalisation of the contribution note. The memorandum is an advocacy document that will be addressed to the President of the DRC, and forwarded to Parliament (Senate and National Assembly) and to central government. It will serve as a barometer for monitoring government action during the administration’s five-year term (2024-2028). It will also constitute a comprehensive programmatic framework for religious denominations and traditional chiefs in this timeframe.