Flames put the world’s forests in harness

Between 2002 and 2022, 123.18 million hectares of forests have been lost to flames, and during the last five years, sixth-generation fires -also called mega-fires or firestorms- have become increasingly frequent, devastating thousands of hectares at great speed. The transformation of land use, climate change, the abnormal warming of the North Atlantic Ocean and the […]

IRI-Colombia trained more than 60 territorial planning advisors in Guaviare

As part of its advocacy strategy, the main objective of which is to make the protection of the Amazon a priority for local and regional governments, IRI-Colombia held a workshop on Development Plans for territorial planning advisors of Guaviare, on March 5 in the capital of the department. One of the first goals of the […]

IRI-Colombia contributes to the formulation of Development Plans

The governors of Guaviare, Caquetá and Putumayo, as well as the mayors of eight Amazonian municipalities, in which IRI-Colombia is present, committed to include the Initiative’s proposals in their Development Plans. Although our country has a long history in this area, it was not until the 1991 Constitution that it was mandated – through seven […]

“To the extent that we can do without things, we reduce the pressure on nature”

The carbon footprint is the global indicator that quantifies the greenhouse gases we emit. Reducing it is not an impossible task, but with its reduction we can contribute to taking care of the planet and curbing global warming. To understand the environmental impact that the pandemic had on the world, it is useful to refer […]

IRI Peru working with bishops of the amazon to assess needs of forests and indigenous peoples 

IRI Peru held a working meeting with Bishops of the Amazon to evaluate the situation of the forests and the people living in them. Participating Bishops included Alfredo Vizcarra (Vicariate of Jaén), Humberto Tapia (Chachapoyas), Gerardo Zerdín (San Ramón), Martín Quijano (Pucallpa), Jesús María Aristín (Yurimaguas) and Mons.David Martínez (Puerto Maldonado). The meeting was based on […]

IRI Brazil participates in REPAM event, meets with leadership

IRI Brazil was part of an event promoted by the Panamazon Ecclesial Network – REPAM and the Laudato Si Movement, where representatives of the German Catholic Church Bank (BKC) presented their strategy for combating illegal mining in Brazil. Several Catholic institutions and organizations of the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB) were present. The […]