<strong>IRI Brazil launches its first local chapter in the State of Acre</strong>

On 6 December, IRI Brazil officially launched its first local chapter. The launch event included the participation of 50 religious leaders as well as indigenous peoples, scientists and environmental activists. The religious traditions represented were: Catholicism, Evangelical, Spiritualist, Umbanda, Santo Daime, União do Vegetal, and Indigenous Spirituality. It was agreed that ten representative leaders will […]

<strong>IRI Colombia holds training for leaders from local chapters</strong>

In partnership with the Putumayo Government Secretariat, IRI Colombia held a training day on 30 November for their local chapters in Puerto Leguízamo, the La Samaritana indigenous reservation and El Triunfo. Training was provided to 70 religious leaders who are engaged in the IRI Colombia local chapters. “We must find a way to integrate human […]

<strong>IRI Peru holds dialogue, “Protection of Environmental Defenders” in alliance with MINAM and MINJUDH</strong>

On 30 November, IRI Peru and the Ministry of Environment organized the dialogue, “Advances in the implementation of the intersectoral mechanism for the protection of environmental defenders”. The event had the objective of sharing advances and challenges facing stakeholders that are committed to responding to the increase of violence in the Peruvian Amazon, which has […]