IRI Indonesia meets to set strategies and activities, appoint new interim National Facilitator

June 2022 Religious leaders representing Indonesia’s eight Religious Councils met recently for an in-person meeting to discuss in detail strategies, tactics and activities for IRI Indonesia in the second half of 2022.  IRI Indonesia is preparing to get back into action after investing heavily in a months-long consultation and planning exercise, which culminated in this […]

IRI Indonesia holds four-day planning workshop

March 2022 IRI Indonesia recently held a four-day strategic planning workshop with all members of its Advisory Council. The workshop, held in Tamblingan, Bali was convened to affirm the leadership and vision of Advisory Council members, to consider the achievements delivered by IRI Indonesia in Phase 1, to consider the best practices and lessons learned from other IRI country programs, […]

IRI Colombia continues work through Escucha la Amazonia

June 2022 Since December 2021, IRI Colombia has been actively working with Escucha la Amazonia, an alliance made up of recognized environmental, indigenous and academic organizations that have united and mobilized to position the Amazon in public debates so that the new Colombian government includes programmes and policies aimed at its protection in its National Development […]

IRI Colombia organizes radio spots on deforestation

June 2022 “The Amazon is dying and you are not understanding, you are not understanding that our survival is in danger,” warns the latest radio spot created by IRI Colombia.  Two new radio spots are being broadcast on seven radio stations in the municipalities where forests face the greatest threats in the country, and where IRI […]

IRI Colombia and FILAC work towards a partnership

June 2022 IRI Colombia is moving forward in the process of establishing an alliance with the Fund for the Development of Indigenous Peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean (FILAC), an international public law organization that supports the processes of self-development and promotion of the rights of indigenous peoples, communities and organizations in this region.The […]