Uniting people of all faiths to end tropical deforestation
The Interfaith Rainforest Initiative brings the commitment, influence and moral authority of religions to efforts to protect the world’s rainforests and the indigenous peoples that serve as their guardians.



Rainforests sustain all life on the planet

They are irreplaceable. Not only do they exhibit creation in its most exquisite beauty, they provide millions of people with food, shelter, livelihoods, medicine and clean water. They are also the best climate solution we have. If protected and restored, rainforests can provide an indispensable contribution to sustainable development. Instead, they are at grave risk.

Global deforestation is accelerating

Extractive industries and land conversion for agricultural products like beef, soy, palm oil, and pulp and paper are driving tropical deforestation. In the last decade alone, an area of forest the size of the United Kingdom, France and Germany combined has been lost forever. This destruction is unnecessary and is undermining efforts by the international community to address climate change, sustainable development and human rights.

Momentum to protect rainforests is growing, but more is needed

A coalition of indigenous peoples, government, business, science, NGO and civil society partners are working to halt deforestation. However, to achieve the speed and scale of change required, we need to bring the moral, ethical and spiritual dimension of humanity to bear more strongly on these efforts.


The Interfaith Rainforest Initiative is an international, multi-faith alliance that aims to bring moral urgency and faith-based leadership to global efforts to end tropical deforestation. It is a platform for religious leaders to work hand-in-hand with indigenous peoples, governments, civil society and business on actions that protect rainforests and safeguard those that serve as their guardians.

We focus on three main goals:

Raise awareness

Raise awareness of the tropical deforestation crisis by equipping religious leaders with the science, information and tools needed to serve as effective advocates for rainforest protection.

Mobilize action
Mobilize faith-based action by connecting religious leaders with allies from across sectors to multiply their collective impact.
Influence policy
Advocate for policies that protect forests by encouraging governments and companies to adopt, fulfill and expand upon their commitments to protect rainforests and the rights of indigenous peoples.


We work globally and in major rainforest countries to support religious leaders and spiritual communities that are mobilizing to protect rainforests.

We currently work in Brazil, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Indonesia and Peru, which together contain 70% of the world’s remaining tropical forests.


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